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Mary Stone Ross

California Consumer Privacy Act
Proponent and co-author

Mary Stone Ross is a nationally recognized expert in consumer privacy, cybersecurity and data security.  Most recently, she served as president for Californians for Consumer Privacy, a committee that put a statewide initiative on the CA ballot. In that role, she co-authored the California Consumer Privacy Act, an initiative to safeguard Californians’ privacy while balancing businesses’ need to collect and use data. The initiative led to the unanimous passage by the California legislature of AB 375, the most monumental consumer privacy law in the United States.  Mary also has experience as the founder and CEO of an EdTech startup, as well as high level government experience serving as counsel to the House Intelligence Committee, at the CIA, and at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  She received her JD from the University of Virginia and her BA from Yale University.  She currently resides in Oakland, California with her husband and their three children.